How to fix read-only external hard drive on Mac?

Posted by Katrina to NTFS for Mac on November 29th, 2017

Hi there, I have a 2TB Seagate external hard drive that I purchased and used with various PCs at work. It turned into read-only when I connected it to Mac this morning. I was able to open the drive and view files on the drive. But if I attempted to copy a file from my Mac to the drive, nothing happened. Something might be obviously not right with the storage drive. If you have any clue to fix read-only external hard drive on Mac, please tell me. Thanks!

It is really confusing that you can't write to an external hard drive on Mac without any error message when you try to save files from macOS to a NTFS drive. In fact, external hard drive shows read-only error happens frequently to people who use both Mac and Windows. Don't worry! Instead of the fault of your external hard drive or Mac computer, most of time, it is just because your external hard drive is formatted to NTFS for Windows computers.

How to make it sure? Just right click the external hard drive and select "Get Info", you will see: Format is Windows NT file system (NTFS) and you can only read at the bottom of the info window. Why a NTFS formatted external hard drive can't be written on Mac? How to fix read-only external hard drive on Mac? This passage will offer you the reason and solution of NTFS external hard drive read-only error.

Why external hard drive becomes read-only on Mac?

NTFS (New Technology File System) is the default file system in Windows operating systems. Due to copyright issues and technical problems, Apple Inc only enable NTFS read and write support while hidden NTFS write support. Even with the latest version – macOS High Sierra 10.13, you still don't have permission to write to NTFS external hard drive. Then how to solve read-only external hard drive problem on Mac? Here is a handy Mac tool we'd like to recommend to write to NTFS external hard drive.

Fix read-only external hard drive on Mac with iBoysoft Drive Manager

iBoysoft Drive Manager is the best NTFS software for mac without any doubt, which makes it possible for you to write to NTFS external hard. Once this app gets installed successfully, you are able to write, copy, edit, move, and copy files from to a NTFS drive on Mac. It is easy to use, fast, secure and affordable.

Download iBoysoft Drive Manager

What's more, iBoysoft Drive Manager can also manage network drives and external drive (including external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, memory card, CF card, pen drive) with ease. Only a single click on the menu bar, we can mount, unmount network drives and external drive. It can automatically connect all network drives and external drive when system wakes from sleep and safely eject all network drive and external drives when the system sleeps. So if you are also bothered by the inconvenience of mounting, unmounting external drive and network drives, iBoysoft Drive Manager is certainly the best choice.

iBoysoft Drive Manager works fast and stably on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)/macOS 10.12 (Sierra)/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7. It fully supports file systems: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32.

Fix read-only external hard drive on Mac with iBoysoft Drive Manager

Here are simple 3 steps to fix read-only external hard drive on Mac with iBoysoft Drive Manager:

Step 1: Free download and install iBoysoft Drive Manager on Mac.

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Drive Manager and connect NTFS external hard drive to Mac.

Step 3: Write to NTFS external hard drive after getting the notification that the drive has been mounted successfully.

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